Before Day One

Actions you take before you start your new position have a profound impact on your early and continuing success. This book takes you through specific steps to develop and implement your Personal Onboarding Plan. Evidence shows you will reach job proficiency up to 35% faster.

From Day One

This book reveals the pragmatic wisdom and onboarding strategies that every college student should learn and that all young professionals must have on the first day and early on in their careers.

Book Reviews

Bill White’s enthusiasm and expertise are evident in this highly readable book, which adds a conversational element to a topic that could–in lesser hands–become preachy and dry. Real-life anecdotes, experience and cautionary tales make for an interesting edge that keeps you turning the pages!

William J. White

He is the author of Before Day One and From Day One, a university professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg and Engineering Schools and a former Chairman and CEO of NYSE corporation Bell & Howell.




Clients & Talks

Launching Your Career

Frequent speaker and media interview guest on the topic of launching an extraordinary career.


Professor White’s research is focused on the correlation between certain leader’s habits and the success of the enterprise.

Corporate Governance

Experienced speaker and panel moderator on the topic of the Board’s role in corporate strategy.

Career Motivation (Coaching)

Frequent speaker and media interview guest on the topic of Onboarding. His motivation talks for college senior and young professionals, human resource professionals, and general audience of all ages inspire them to achieve their maximum career potentials.

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